David Steingard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Director of the Pedro Arrupe Center for Business Ethics

Areas Taught: Management

Expertise: Business Ethics, Corporate Leadership, Spirituality in the Workplace

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Evaluating the Moral and Ethical Sides of Business

Recent years have seen unethical business practices spotlighted in America's newspapers and courtrooms. As corporate leadership works to regain the nation's confidence, business schools have bolstered their curricula with ethics coursework. Already ahead of the curve in its emphasis on ethics, Saint Joseph's Erivan K. Haub School of Business has taken a leadership role, establishing the Pedro Arrupe Center for Business Ethics, with ethics expert David Steingard, Ph.D., serving as associate director.

"Business ethics is as much a learnable skill as any other area of business, such as marketing or management," says Steingard. "There is a body of theoretical knowledge and practical decision-making models that actually evaluate moral criteria in the context of business."

To that end, Steingard is working on creating new programs to further existing efforts to incorporate ethics teaching in classrooms and faculty members' research agendas. "Most business practices do not integrate ethics up front, but deal with them as an afterthought," he adds. "If people were adequately trained and more knowledgeable, they would be able to make better -- both ethically and commercially sound --business decisions."

A faculty member in the Haub School of Business since 1999, Steingard also studies spirituality and management, organizational behavior, leadership, and diversity. He has been quoted by both print and electronic media outlets.

"I am optimistic that achieving outstanding business results and positive moral behavior can go hand in hand," says Steingard. "We are already seeing this sea change in business, and it is exciting."