Jeanne Brady, Ph.D.

Professor; Provost

Areas Taught: Education

Expertise: No Child Left Behind Act, Educational Leadership, Urban Education, Social Justice and Education

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Championing Educational Justice

As a long-time educator, Professor of Education and now Provost Jeanne F. Brady, Ph.D., admits, "I never really liked going to school as a kid because the material wasn't relevant. I wanted to do something to change that. Kids start out going to school with a spark. I've always been interested in how and why that spark dies."

In her quest to make education more relevant, Brady has spent years researching curricula, leadership in education, and issues involving social justice.

Brady is the author of the book Schooling Young Children: A Feminist Pedagogy for Liberatory Learning and Identities and Pedagogies: Feminist Interruptions in Public Spaces. Her other publications include a number of book chapters on the politics of inclusion in urban schools, social justice in the classroom, and feminist pedagogy, and scholarly papers covering topics such as transformative leadership and multiculturalism. She has lectured and published extensively on the No Child Left Behind Act.

In recent years, the education department has taken on a number of initiatives with the city of Philadelphia, adopting several elementary schools and providing teacher education, as well as assistance in the classroom. Brady was also instrumental in securing a significant federal grant to fight obesity among metropolitan youth.

"Saint Joseph's has a vested interest in urban education due, in large part, to our location in a big city like Philadelphia," she says. "But above that, we have a commitment to international education, as the world we live in becomes more and more of a global community. It is imperative that we educate our teachers to deal with these issues."