John Lord, Ph.D.

Professor (Emeritus) of Sports Marketing

Areas Taught: Marketing, Sports Marketing

Expertise: Sports Marketing, Food Marketing, Baseball

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In a League of His Own

John Lord is a glutton for punishment.

As a baseball fan who grew up in the Philadelphia area — he is a 1971 graduate of Saint Joseph's — his closest exposure to the sport he loves is a team that has won just a single World Series in franchise history. To make matters worse, he was born in Chicago and is a lifelong fan of the Cubs, a team that last hoisted the trophy a century ago.

For a man who holds a Ph.D., Dr. Lord could be pegged as a hopeless sports fan. But he quickly counters that label by offering a dizzying number of documented facts about the business of the game. After a 32-year career in the food marketing field, Dr. Lord moved to Saint Joseph's marketing department in 2007 to focus on the teaching and research of his favorite pastime, and on sports marketing in general.

Even as a member of the food marketing faculty, Dr. Lord took time to teach Baseball: Traditions and Business, a class examining the history and economics of the sport. "The purpose of the course is to explore all of the dimensions of baseball — and there are so many — to get an overall reflection of the American psyche, for good and for bad," he said, "from labor relations to economics to culture and race relations and so much more." In his new role, Dr. Lord will be able to expand on that research.

Dr. Lord is also a seasoned expert on the food industry. As a contributor to a number of scholarly journals and a regular presenter at conferences around the globe, Dr. Lord has advised industry leaders on topics including consumer eating patterns, new product development, supermarkets, and food safety. He co-authored the book Developing New Food Products for a Changing Marketplace and was a contributing author of Strategic Management: A Cross-Functional Approach. His research has been published in the NFPA Journal, Journal of Advertising Research and Journal of Nutrition Education.