Kim Logio, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology

Areas Taught: Criminal Justice, Sociology

Expertise: Recessions Impact on Young Adults, Childhood Obesity, Body Image and BMI, Children’s and Women’s Health

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Understanding Cultural Influences on Individuals

Whether sociologist Kim Logio, Ph.D., is examining the Great Recession’s impact on young people or the media’s influence on nutritional choices or criminal justice, she always focuses on “how culture influences individual choices.”

The survey researcher has brought her expertise in methodology to several projects.  Currently, she is investigating with a colleague how the so-called “Generation R” – as in recession – has fared in its hopes and dreams. This group of young people graduated high school in 2006 and entered college or the workforce as the United States began to slip into economic turmoil.

Early results of the project, supported through a University Provost Grant, suggest much heartache. “Middle and working class students feel a college education was not worth it,” Logio says. “We’re seeing a lot of frustration. We’re finding they’re taking alternative paths to the end goal. They’re taking whatever job they can get.”

She also has extensively studied body image among adolescents, beginning with her doctoral work at the University of Delaware. Recent laws that require schools to measure and report body mass index (BMI) of students concerns Logio. “We’re labeling kids early, and the way we do it will have tremendous impact,” she says, urging that BMI reports not end with just a number sent to parents but include a discussion of healthy habits that cut across socio-economic groups.

Logio has made numerous presentations on body image at the American Sociological Association’s annual meetings. Topics include “Race, Gender, Body Image and Unhealthy Eating,” “Alcohol Use and Body Image among Adolescents,” and “You Are What You Eat: Gender, Race, Childhood Abuse and Body Image among Adolescents.” She also has surveyed students about nutritional choices and the influence of media images.

Logio co-authored the textbook Adventures in Criminal Justice Research and co-edited the textbook Understanding Society. She has done media interviews with NPR on BMI and with Philadelphia television news.