Richard George, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Areas Taught: Food Marketing

Expertise: Food Industry Customer Service, Food Marketing, Attitudes and Behavior toward Food

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Improving Customer Service, One Company at a Time

Richard J. George, Ph.D., knows food, food customers, and customer service. As a professor in Saint Joseph's Department of Food Marketing, an author, and a consultant to more than 30 food-industry companies, he has spent his career researching, writing, speaking, and advising on food and pharmaceutical trends, marketing, and customer service issues across the globe.

Dr. George has been interviewed by a wide variety of media outlets, including CNN, NBC, the BBC, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Fortune, and Woman's Day. Additionally, his insights have appeared in such trade publications as Supermarket Business, Supermarket News, Food and Beverage Marketing, Food People, and Brand Week.

Companies from Del Monte to Tastykake, from Wawa to Uncle Ben's, have tapped Dr. George for his expertise. He's also the author or co-author of numerous books, including Delightful Customer Service: 12 Steps to a Better Bottom Line, Success Leaves Clues, A Focus Group Guide for Supermarkets, Delight Me É The Ten Commandments of Customer Service, The Ultimate Consumer Guide, and Consumer Power: Seven Steps to Get What you Want (and Deserve).

"The challenge to consumer packaged goods is that they can't make the same products, have them look the same, and distribute them the same," says Dr. George. "They have got to start looking at this differently."

More recently, Dr. George has been engaged in a national study of customer service as it relates to food shopping. In particular, he has developed a profile of the most relevant customer service attributes that customers are seeking when shopping in traditional supermarkets as well as in super centers. Currently, Dr. George is studying the food attitudes and behaviors of adolescents during the school day. This research is intended to provide interventions to address the childhood obesity and diabetes epidemics that are threatening the lifestyles and life spans of todayÕs youth.