Heather Hennes, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director of Latin American Studies Program
Office: Bellarmine 307
Phone: 610-660-3017
Fax: 610-660-2160
Email: hhennes@sju.edu


Ph.D., Florida State University (Tallahassee) 

Courses Taught

Dr. Hennes regularly teaches a variety of courses including Intermediate Spanish (SPA 201-202) and Spanish Conversation (SPA 301), Introduction to Literatures of the Spanish-speaking World (SPA310), Current Events in the Spanish-language Media (SPA320), Introduction to Latin American Cultures (SPA350), Introduction to Spanish Cultures (SPA351), and From the Old World to the New in Hispanic Literatures (SPA 410). She also offers upper-division courses on colonial and nineteenth-century Latin America, including Commonplaces of Colonial Experience (SPA431), Imagery of the Conquest (SPA425), and Topics in Latin American Cultures (SPA 401).


Her teaching and research interests include:

  • Colonial and nineteenth-century Latin American Literatures and cultures
  • The construction of cultural icons in literature, visual arts, and popular culture, particularly Women from the Age of Independence in Latin America, such as Manuela Sáenz and Juana Azurduy
  • The experience and representation of space and place in early Latin America
  • Approaches to teaching current events in the language classroom