James Carter, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of the History Department
Office: Barbelin 112-R
Phone: 610-660-1988
Email: jcarter@sju.edu

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

My research and teaching interests focus on the interactions between China and the West during the modern period, focusing not on state-to-state relations, but the actions of individuals. This emphasis on individual actions frames the way I think about history, which is itself the interaction between broad, overarching themes and people's daily lives.


- BA , University of Richmond (1991)

- MA, MPhil, Yale University (1994)

- PhD, Yale University (1998)

Courses Taught

HIS 154 - Forging the Modern World

HIS 350 - Exchange & Conquest in Modern East Asia

HIS 351 - Gender, Ideology, & Revolution in East Asia

HIS 352 - Late Imperial China

HIS 353 - Modern China

HIS 354 - Japan Since 1800

HIS 355 - Colonialism & Nationalism in Southeast Asia

HIS 358 - Contemporary China (SJU-China summer) 


Forging the Modern World: A History. Co-authored with Richard Warren (Oxford University Press, 2015).



Grants and Awards

Tengelmann Award for Distinguished Research and Teaching (2015)

National Committee for US-China Relations, Public Intellectuals Fellow


I am currently writing a book set in Shanghai on the eve of World War II. Tentatively titled Down to the Wire in Shanghai, this book focuses on the last Champions' race at the Shanghai Race Club, on November 12, 1941. Using the racetrack as the center of the story, I branch out from there to explore and explain the interrelations among Shanghai's many different communities--national communities including Chinese, British, American, and Japanese, but also religious communities of Jews and Buddhists, and political communities of nationalists, communists, and collaborators--on the eve of the Japanese invasion.