James Hebbeler, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: Barbelin 300A
Phone: 610-660-1548
Fax: 610-660-1087
Email: jhebbele@sju.edu

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


University of Notre Dame  


Selected Publications

  • "Heidegger’s Transcendental Idealism: Outline of a New Answer to an Old Question,” in Natur und Freiheit. Akten des XII. Kant-Kongresses 2015 (Berlin: de Gruyter, forthcoming).
  • “Kant on Reason in the Sciences,” in Rethinking Kant, vol. 5, ed. Oliver Thorndike and Pablo Muchnik (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, forthcoming).
  • “Kant on Necessity, Insight, and A Priori Knowledge,” Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, 97.1 (2015), 34-65.
  • “The Principles of the First Critique ,” Review of Metaphysics 65 (2012), 555-579.
  • (Trans.) Karl Leonhard Reinhold: Letters on the Kantian Philosophy, ed. Karl Ameriks (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005).


Kant, Post-Kantian German Philosophy