Janée Burkhalter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: Mandeville 267
Phone: (610) 660-2274
Fax: (610) 660-3239
Email: jburkhal@sju.edu

Prior to returning to academia, Dr. Burkhalter spent several years in financial services marketing, focusing on niche markets such as affluent consumers and Fortune 500 businesses.  As an academic, however, her interests focus on the unconventional – from niche markets and new media to nontraditional marketing practices such as brand placement. In fact, Dr. Burkhalter’s current projects meld her concentration on niche markets with her interest in brand placement and investigate how the embedding of brands in music videos may influence the consumption behaviors of musical subcultures. Dr. Burkhalter has published in the Journal of Marketing Communications, the Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research, the Journal of Financial Services Marketing, the Journal of Entrepreneurial Education, Business Education Digest and the Journal of Business and Economics Research. 


  • B.S., Business Administration (Marketing), Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
  • MBA, Business Administration (Marketing), Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
  • Ph.D., Marketing, Georgia State University

Courses Taught

Undergraduate: Entertainment Marketing, Marketing in a Multicultural World, Marketing Strategy, Principles of Marketing

Graduate: Marketing Concepts (MBA, EMBA), Marketing Strategy (MBA)


  • Burkhalter, Janée N. and Natalie T. Wood (Eds.). (2015). Maximizing Commerce and Marketing Strategies through Micro-Blogging. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  • Ferguson, Nakeisha S. and Janée N. Burkhalter (2014). “Yo DJ, That’s My Brand: An Examination of Consumer Response to Brand Placements in Hip-Hop Music,” Journal of Advertising, 44(1), 47-57. DOI: 10.1080/00913367.2014.935897.
  • Burkhalter, Janée N., Natalie T. Wood and Stephanie A. Tryce (2014). “Clear, Conspicuous and Concise: Disclosures & Twitter WOM,” Business Horizons, 57 (May/June), 319-328. DOI: 10.1016/j.bushor.2014.02.001. 


Celebrities, Entertainment and Music Marketing, Niche Markets, Non-traditional Marketing Tactics, Motivation, Authenticity, Neuromarketing