Jennifer C. Tudor, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: Science Center 223
Research Lab: Science Center 112
Phone: 610-660-1808
Fax: 610-660-1832
Website: tudorlab @ SJU


  • B.S. (2004) Psychology, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
  • M.S. (2009) Physiology and Neuroscience, New York University, NY, NY
  • Ph.S. (2011) Physiology and Neuroscience, New York University, NY, NY

Professional Experience

  • IRACDA Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2010-2013), Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Visiting Lecturer (2011-2012), Department of Biology, Rutgers University Camden, Camden, NJ
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2013-2016), Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Lecturer (2016), College of Liberal and Professional Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Assistant Professor (2016-present), Department of Biology, Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA

Courses Taught

  • Biology 101: Cells
  • Biology 102: Genetics
  • Neurobiology


  • Tudor, J.C., Davis, E.J., Peixoto, L., Wimmer, M., van Tilborg, E., Park., A.J., Poplawski, S.G., Chung, C.W., Havekes, R., Gatti, E., Pierre, P., and Abel, T. (2016). Sleep deprivation impairs memory by attenuating mTORC1-dependent protein synthesis.  Science Signaling, 9, ra41.  Cover Story.

  • Havekes, R., Park, A.J., Tolentino, R.E., Bruinenberg, V.M., Tudor, J.C., Lee, Y., Hansen, R.T., Guercio, L.A., Linton, E., Neves-Zaph, S.R., Baillie, G., Meerlo, P., Houslay, M.D., and Abel, T.  (2016).  Compartmentalized PDE4A5 signaling impairs hippocampal synaptic plasticity and long-term memory.  Journal of Neuroscience, 36(34):8936-46.

  • Havekes, R., Park, A.J., Tudor, J.C., Luczak, V.G., Hansen, R.T., Ferri, S.L., Bruinenberg, V.M., Poplawski, S.G., Day, J.P., Aton, S.J., Radwanska, K., Meerlo, P., Houslay, M.D., Baillie, G.S., and Abel, T.  (2016).  Sleep deprivation causes memory deficits by negatively impacting neuronal connectivity in hippocampal area CA1.  Elife, pii: e13424

  • Li, J., Zhang, W., Yang, H., Wilkinson, B., Souaiaia, T., Evgrafov, O.V., Genovese, G., Clementel, V.A., Tudor, J.C., Abel, T., Knowles, J.A., Neale, B.M., Wang, K., Sun, F., and Coba, M.P. (2017). Spatiotemporal profile of postsynaptic interactomes integrates components of complex brain disorders. Nature Neuroscience, 20(8):1150- 1161.

  • Kreutzmann, J.C., Tudor, J.C., Angelakos, C.C., and Abel, T. (2017). The impact of sleep deprivation on molecular mechanisms of memory consolidation in rodents. In N. Axmacher & B. Rasch (Eds.), Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Consolidation. (p. g 75-85). Springer International Publishing.

  • Park, A.J, Havekes, R., Fu, X., Hansen, R., Tudor, J.C., Peixoto, L., Li, Z., Wu, Y.-C., Poplawski, S.G. Baraban, J., and Abel, T. (2017). Learning induces the translin/trax RNase complex to express activin receptors for persistent memory. Elife, 6:e27872.

  • Angelakos, C.C., Tudor, J.C., Ferri, S., Jongens, T.A., and Abel, T. (2019). Home-cage hypoactivity in mouse genetic models of autism spectrum disorder. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, pii:S1074-7427.

Grants and Awards

  • ADInstruments Educator Scholarship (2016)
  • LI-COR Science Undergraduate Research Grant (2016)
  • SRS Outstanding Early Investigator Honorable Mention (2017)
  • National Institutes of Aging R01 (co-investigator, 2019-2024)
  • National Science Foundation MRI (co-PI, 2019)


Molecular and cellular signaling pathways in the brain affects all facets of life.  We are interested on how sleep and disease affects these pathways critical for memory, learning, and behavior.