Randall M. Miller, Ph.D.

Office: Barbelin 112K
Phone: 610-660-1748
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  • A.B., Hope College
  • M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University 

Courses Taught

HIS 201-202 American History

HIS 360 Colonial America A survey of the social, economic, cultural, and political developments in colonial America with special emphasis on the origins and evolution of the plantation system, slavery, religious diversity, cities, and scientific inquiry.

HIS 361 America in the Age of RevolutionsA survey of American history from the era of the American Revolution through the industrial revolutionary developments in the mid-nineteenth century with special emphasis on the Revolution, the revolution of 1800 in politics, the transportation, agricultural, and industrial revolutions, and the social revolution accompanying modernization in the nineteenth century.

HIS 362 The Civil War Era A survey of the middle period of American history with special emphasis on the Civil War and Reconstruction-the causes, management, and consequences of the war in society, economics, politics, and culture.

HIS 364 Ethnic AmericaA survey of ethnicity and ethnic groups in modem America with special emphasis on immigration patterns, nativism, assimilation, and alienation of ethnic groups, and the effects and place of ethnic groups in modem society.

HIS 365 Urban America A survey of the development of cities and the process of urbanization in America with special emphasis on urban institutions-government, police, voluntary associations-and the changing character and functions of cities in the modem period.

HIS 363/POL  The Elections of 2008The Elections of 2004  An analysis of the presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial races of 2004.  The course will offer the student a basis for understanding the ongoing election cycle of 2004, especially drawing upon  the changes that have taken place in American politics since the 1980s and the history of electioneering in America, especially in the modern era.  This will include discussion of partisan realignment, the growing importance of personality and interest group politics, and the role of issues in influencing electoral choice.  Particular attention will be devoted to understanding the tactics and strategies of the two major parties as they position themselves for and then campaign in the elections of 2004.

HIS 384 The Civil Rights Movement in America A survey of the modem civil rights movement in the United States, with special emphasis on the desegregation struggles in the American South and the personalities, strategies, and ideologies of the civil rights movement as it became a national movement through the 1960s and 1970s. 


Colonial America 

Civil War and Reconstruction 

Ethnic and Urban America 

Slavery and the Old South