Richard N. Gioioso, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Specializations: U.S. Immigration, Immigrant Incorporation, Cuban Politics and Society
Office: Barbelin Hall 205
Phone: (610) 660-1750
Fax: (610) 660-1284

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


  • Ph.D. in International Relations, Florida International University
  • M.A. in International Studies, Florida International University
  • B.A. in Spanish, Saint Joseph’s University

Professional Experience

Richard N. Gioioso received his doctorate in International Relations from Florida International University in 2010. Before joining the faculty at St. Joseph’s University in 2013, he taught at a number of institutions, including Johns Hopkins University, Purchase College of the State University of New York and Baruch College of the City University of New York.

Dr. Gioioso is trained broadly across the social sciences and has worked extensively as a researcher in the U.S. and abroad. Areas of focus include U.S. immigration, ethnic and racial identity, trust and civic participation in U.S. and Colombian societies, the impact of social and economic policies on disadvantaged communities, and arts and artists in U.S. and Cuban societies. These projects have been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Federal Judicial Center, Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation/Miami Cultural Center, the Tinker Foundation, the Rubin Museum of Art, the Research Institute for Social and Economic Policy, the Miami Workers' Center, and the Cuban Research Center at Florida International University among others. 

Dr. Gioioso has presented papers and participated on panels at many national conferences, including the International Studies Association, the Latin American Studies Association, the Association of American Geographers, and the Association of American Anthropologists.

In his research and academic courses on international relations and migration, Dr. Gioioso seeks to understand the forces that lead individuals and groups to uproot themselves and move, and how they integrate in their new surroundings. 

Courses Taught

  • POL 115 - Introduction to Global Politics
  • POL 328 - Politics of U.S. Immigration
  • POL 331 - Latin American Politics
  • POL 331 - Contemporary Cuban Politics and Society (course and study tour)
  • POL 340 - Political Geography
  • POL 352 - Global Political Economy
  • POL 361 - Theories of International Relations
  • Senior Seminar - Contemporary International Migration


Dr. Gioioso’s publications include book reviews, a book chapter, reports, and a peer reviewed, group-authored article, entitled “Placing Latino Civic Engagement,” published in Urban Geography in April 2011. He also recently published a comparative book review essay in Political Geography in September 2012. His dissertation, “Placing Immigrant Incorporation: Identity, Trust, and Civic Engagement in Little Havana,” addresses the paradigm of assimilation and examines the dynamics of Latin American immigrants and American-born Latinos in Miami. This work combines the fields of urban geography, Latino studies, and ethnic politics. It is available at:

He is currently working on a number of writing projects, including a co-authored article, entitled “Pan-Latino in the Park: Lessons from Little Havana,” for the Journal of Cultural Geography, and an article, tentatively entitled “Unpacking Latin American Solidarity in the U.S.: National Origin, Generalized Trust, and Community,” for Ethnic and Racial Studies.