Steven R. Hammer Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: Bronstein Hall 301
Website: @patchbaydoor

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


  • Ph.D., Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture, North Dakota State University
  • M.A., Mass Communication & Gender Studies, North Dakota State University

Courses Taught

  • COM200: Communication Theory and Practice
  • COM201: Ethics in Communication
  • COM202: Visual Rhetorics
  • COM472: Digital Storytelling: Video Game Design
  • COM472: Digital Storytelling: Audio & Video
  • COM473: Physical Computing and Accessibility
  • COM473: Audio Design and Production
  • COM473: Advanced Web Audio & Video Production
  • COM473: Podcast Production
  • COM490: Communication Internship



  • Hammer, Steven. “Instrument Design, Disability, and DIT (Do-it-Together) Pedagogy.” Re-Programmable Rhetoric: Critical Making Theories and Methods in Digital Rhetoric and Composition. Eds. Anthony Stagliano and Steve Holmes. (In progress)
  • Hammer, Steven. “Writing Dirt, Teaching Noise.” Soundwriting Pedagogies: Strategies, Lessons, Practices. Computers and Composition Digital Press. Eds. Courtney Danforth and Kyle Stedman. (In press)
  • Hammer, Steven. “The Politics of the (Audio) Interface.” The Routledge Handbook of Digital Writing and Rhetoric. Eds. Jonathan Alexander and Jacqueline Rhodes. (In press)
  • Maylath, Bruce, and Steven Hammer. “The Imperative of Teaching Linguistics to Twenty-First-Century Professional Communicators.” Teaching Culture and Communication in Global Contexts. Eds. Kirk St. Amant and Madelyn Flammia. Piscataway, NJ: Wiley/IEEE Press, 2016. Print.
  • Hammer, Steven. “Writing (Dirty) New Media/Glitch Composition.” Technoculture 4 (2015). Web.
  • Hammer, Steven, and Aimée Knight. “Crafting Malfunction: Rhetoric and Circuit Bending.” Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion 14 (2015). Web.
  • Sorensen, Karen, Steven Hammer, and Bruce Maylath. “Synchronous and Asynchronous Online International Collaboration: The Trans-Atlantic & Pacific Project.” Connexions 3.1 (2015). Web. https://connexionsj.files.
  • Hammer, Steven. “err0r/no¡se/err0r.” Enculturation (2015). Web.

Grants and Awards

  • Summer Research Grant. Saint Joseph’s University. 2017.
  • Michael J. Morris Grant for Scholarly Research. Saint Joseph’s University. 2016.


  • New Media Art
  • Sound Studies
  • Digital Media Production
  • Disability Studies