William Trombetta, Ph.D.

Office: Mandeville 238
Phone: 610-660-3159
Fax: 610-660-3365
Email: trombett@sju.edu


  • J.D., Cleveland State University
  • Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • M.B.A., Temple University
  • B.S., Saint Joseph's University

Professional Experience

Dr. Trombetta served as the department's first chair when Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing was granted status as a major in 1997.  He also served as the first director for the Executive Pharmaceutical MBA program.  During his time at Saint Joseph's, Dr. Trombetta has seen the undergraduate and graduate programs grow in size and prestige.  He is very active in the classroom and is a fixture at all PILOT meetings hosted by our student group.

He has published one book and over 60 articles / conference proceedings in refereed academic journals and proceedings. His most recent book is: Consumer-Driven Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy.  He serves on a number of Advisory Boards including: Pharmaceutical Executive; Marcus Evans Pharma Brand Summits; VoxMedica; The Institute of International Research Product Management Institute (PMTi).
Dr. Trombetta's on site education and training experience includes: Astra Zeneca; Novo Nordisk; DuPont Pharmaceuticals; Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals; Biogen; Novartis Oncology; Wyeth Asia Pacific Marketing (Bangkok); Janssen Pharmaceuticals; Colorcon (Shanghai); Laboratories Finlay (Honduras); J&J Healthcare Systems.

Courses Taught

PMK 471 - Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy & Planning II

PMK 600 - Healthcare Marketing (Executive MBA Program)


Selected Publications

Pharm Exec's Ninth Annual Industry Audit, with Mr. William Looney

Pharmaceutical Executive, September 2010

Industry Audit 2009

Pharmaceutical Executive, September 2009

Stealth Pharmas

Pharmaceutical Executive, June 2008

Industry Audit 2007

Pharamceutical Executive, September 2007


Consumer-Driven Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy (2003)


Regulatory, public policy, and societal issues emerging from the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Strategy


Magazine Articles