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Josephine Shih, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dick Shute

Visiting Instructor

Katherine A. S. Sibley, Ph.D.

Professor, Director of American Studies Program

George P. Sillup, Ph.D.

Chair and Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing

Claire A. Simmers, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus

Alex Skolnick, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Samuel B. Slike, D.Ed.

Director of Special Education Online Programs

Jury Smith, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor

Brent Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Director, Office of Fellowships

Sam Smith, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Mathematics

Jean M. Smolen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Karen Snetselaar, Ph.D.

Graduate Director and Professor of Biology

Sangcheol Song, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

David Sorensen

David R. Sorensen, D.Phil.

Professor, Associate Director Honors

Suzanne Sorkin, Ph.D

Associate Professor and Chair of Music, Theatre and Film