New Programs Coming
Fall 2022

In the fall of 2022, Saint Joseph’s fully expects to offer an expanded array of in-demand, accredited health and science programs including occupational therapy, physical therapy and pharmacy in the University’s future School of Health Professions and historic Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. These programs will offer direct-entry or accelerated pathways that allow first-time college students to seamlessly transition from high school into a professional program once meeting all the progression requirements. Made possible by our planned integration with University of the Sciences, these programs prepare strong leaders and trailblazers in the most sought-after career fields.

Saint Joseph’s plans to start accepting applications for these programs in June of 2022.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

  • Learn about the chemical compounds and processes in living organisms as a biochemistry major. Studying biochemistry gives you a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, as well as opportunities to conduct independent research in advanced biochemistry labs. With a biochemistry degree, you can pursue a career in industries such as pharmaceuticals, engineering and food sciences or further your studies in graduate or medical school.

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  • Develop a broad, practical understanding of the human, molecular and cellular aspects of life sciences as a biomedical sciences major. Customize your study based on your interests and career goals by choosing a specialized track including neuroscience, clinical science, biotechnology or physician assistant. Graduates with a biomedical sciences degree can continue their studies in medical, veterinary, dental or other professional schools and are prepared for a spectrum of health and research-based careers.

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  • Dive into the science of movement and the multidimensional nature of wellness in this exercise physiology program. Through a science-based curriculum and hands-on practice, you’ll learn how to design health and fitness programs that help people maintain healthy lifestyles. An exercise physiology degree readies you for careers in areas such as exercise science, fitness training and cardiovascular rehabilitation.

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  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to investigate and solve the mysteries of health with the medical laboratory science program. As a medical lab science major, you’ll complete courses in biology, chemistry, genetics and immunology and work with the latest medical technology during your fourth-year clinical rotations, preparing you for a career as a medical laboratory scientist, also known as a clinical laboratory scientist or medical technologist.

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  • Study the structure and function of the nervous system across a variety of theoretical and clinical contexts as a neuroscience major. The neuroscience program features an interdisciplinary curriculum with three tracks — molecular and medicinal, clinical health and theoretical — and opportunities for hands-on research alongside faculty mentors. Neuroscience majors often continue their studies in graduate, medical or health professional school and go on to pursue careers in academic, clinical, medical or government settings.

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  • Launch your future career as a pharmaceutical scientist through this hands-on, research-focused pharmaceutical sciences degree program. As a pharmaceutical sciences major, you’ll acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to develop, formulate, manufacture and test drugs and cosmetics. Graduates gain admission to medical school or start careers with a variety of employers, from pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies to government agencies and hospitals.

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  • Examine the effects of chemicals and discover the next major medical advancement with a pharmacology and toxicology degree. You’ll learn how drugs work and why some are toxic, as well as conduct your own research alongside expert faculty in our cutting-edge learning labs and facilities. Majoring in pharmacology and toxicology positions you for careers in research labs, hospitals, businesses and government centers.

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Graduate & Doctoral Degree Programs

  • Turn your passion for brewing into an exciting, rewarding career with the Philadelphia region’s first brewing science certificate. As a student in our brewery certificate program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of brewing science, design and layout from experts in the field and top local breweries, experiment and produce your own brews in the pilot brewing lab and perfect them in the malt beverage testing lab.

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  • Develop your knowledge of DNA sequencing technologies, genetics research and personalized medicine with the genomics graduate certificate. In this four-course online program, you’ll gain skills and resources you can immediately use in your current role as a professional in the science or healthcare industry, or to further your education and expand your career options. The credits you earn in this program also count toward the online M.S. in genomics.

    Explore the Genomics Online Graduate Certificate

  • The Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Dr.O.T.) program provides you with clinical and interpersonal skills to become a successful occupational therapist in a variety of medical and community settings. You can choose to take an accelerated pathway to the Dr.O.T., allowing you to graduate with a B.S. in health science and Dr.O.T. in six years, when all academic criteria and program requirements are completed, or the post-baccalaureate DrOT if you already have a bachelor’s degree and satisfied all prerequisite courses.

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  • The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program prepares you to become a practice-ready pharmacist. Housed in the future School of Health Professions’ historic Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, the program features a competency-driven professional curriculum taught by esteemed faculty in modern learning labs and facilities, as well as hands-on pharmacy practice experiences in 400+ local, national and international training sites. You can enter the Pharm.D. program as a direct-entry student and earn your B.S. in pharmaceutical and healthcare studies and Pharm.D. in six years, when all academic criteria and program requirements are completed, or as a graduate or transfer student, starting with the professional phase of study.

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  • Gain the skills and knowledge needed to pursue an impactful career in physical therapy through the Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) program. You’ll learn from a faculty including board-certified specialists, study evidence-based techniques used to assess and treat the body and work as part of an interprofessional healthcare team during collaborative clinical experiences. You can enter the D.P.T. program as a direct-entry student and earn your B.S. in health science and D.P.T. in 5.5 years, when all academic criteria and program requirements are completed, or as a graduate or transfer student, starting with the professional phase of study.

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  • The OT master’s program is designed for post-baccalaureate students who are seeking a career in occupational therapy and have satisfied all prerequisite courses. You’ll attend class full-time, complete 89 credits of coursework and complete two off-site fieldwork experiences. By the end of this program, you’ll be ready to take the national certification exam for occupational therapists — an exam you'll need to pass if you choose to obtain a license to practice OT in the U.S.

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  • Advance your understanding of our living world with a master’s in biochemistry. Our nationally-accredited biochemistry master’s program features a thesis and non-thesis track. If you’re a thesis track student, you’ll select potential research advisors upon entering the program and engage in novel discovery under the guidance of expert faculty who specialize in areas such as bioinformatics, immunology and cell and molecular biology.

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  • Join the ranks of the next generation of scientists with a cell biology and biotechnology master’s degree. You may choose from three tracks based on your needs and goals: a thesis-based study focused on research, a non-thesis option and a professional curriculum with management and business courses for those seeking to advance their role within a current or desired company.

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  • Expand your knowledge of organic, analytical and physical chemistry with a master of chemistry. This chemistry master’s program features a thesis and non-thesis track centered on the latest innovations in chemistry, including computational chemistry and drug design. If you opt for the thesis track, you’ll select potential research advisors upon entering the program and conduct an original research project under the direction of expert faculty.

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  • Acquire a strong understanding of genomics and genetics and how they are used in healthcare and the health sciences with the genomics master’s program. Taught by expert faculty, the 12-course online program covers the theories, ethics, research and clinical applications of genomics and genetics, preparing you for a future career as a molecular geneticist, pharmacologist or clinical or medical scientist.

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  • Influence the future of medicine with a master’s degree in pharmaceutics. This graduate program equips you to lead in areas such as drug delivery, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Through a thesis or non-thesis curriculum featuring dynamic coursework and opportunities to work in the Industrial Pharmacy Lab, you’ll learn how to improve drug administration and turn chemicals into effective medications.

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  • Become a successful pharmacologist or toxicologist in a variety of settings with a pharmacology and toxicology graduate degree. This program combines theory with experiment and features a thesis-based curriculum, faculty-supervised laboratory research and small class sizes. Graduates have launched professional careers in academia or at pharmaceutical companies including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Johnson & Johnson.

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  • The master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies sets you up for success in this rapidly-growing medical profession. As a student in this 24-month program, you’ll take courses in state-of-the-art learning facilities and use innovative tools dedicated solely to PA students. You’ll also complete nine clinical rotations, most of which are offered in the greater Philadelphia region, home to multiple top-ranked hospitals and doctors. We also offer a pre-physician assistant program with a three-year accelerated and traditional four-year track to prepare undergraduate students for admission into a graduate PA program. If all progression requirements are met, students in the pre-physician assistant program are guaranteed an interview for admission to Saint Joseph's M.S.P.A.S. program.

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  • Study the complex chemical reactions that take place inside living organisms as a scholar in the Ph.D. program in biochemistry. Accredited nationally by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, this program boasts a research-focused curriculum taught by faculty who specialize in areas such as structural biochemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and biochemical genetics. You’ll get to conduct independent research in modern facilities equipped with advanced lab equipment and tech, including powerful Beowulf computers in the West Center for Computational Chemistry and Drug Design.

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  • Become an expert in cancer prevention and therapy with a doctorate degree in cancer biology. The Cancer Biology Ph.D. provides you with a rigorous, multidisciplinary course of study in the basic mechanisms of cancer biology and drug discovery, as well as molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology. You’ll also perform cutting-edge research alongside renowned researchers and cancer scientists publishing peer-reviewed scholarship in leading academic journals such as Nature and Cancer Research.

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  • Expand your understanding of cellular and molecular biology with a doctorate degree designed to help science professionals become advanced leaders in biological research. The interdisciplinary Cell and Molecular Biology Ph.D. allows you to conduct novel and significant research in areas that include microbiology, bioinformatics and biochemistry. Ph.D. graduates in cell and molecular biology go on to become skilled researchers, supervisors or team leaders in various industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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  • Obtain the advanced skills and level of knowledge needed to research and solve complex problems at the forefront of modern chemistry with a doctorate in chemistry. As a student in this program, you’ll take courses in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and bioinformatics and defend a doctoral dissertation based on original research. You’ll learn from and work with faculty who are experts in areas such as computational chemistry, drug discovery, ribonucleic acid (RNA) biology, and nanostructured and hybrid materials.

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  • Develop the expertise to spearhead pharmaceutical research and drug administration with an advanced pharmaceutics degree. In this doctoral program, you’ll train in a highly innovative and collaborative atmosphere and receive mentorship that prepares you for a rewarding career in academia, the pharmaceutical industry or regulatory affairs.

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  • Gain a competitive edge to advance your career in academia, the government or the pharmaceutical sector by earning a doctoral degree in pharmacology and toxicology. Integrating theory with experiment, this program offers opportunities for you to conduct pioneering research in coursework and laboratory rotations, present your findings at local and national scientific conferences, and participate in intramural seminars with esteemed faculty.

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Health Science Programs
Graduate Info Sessions

Join our virtual information sessions on the combined health science programs made possible by Saint Joseph’s planned integration with the University of the Sciences. The sessions cover program overviews, career outlooks and the admission process. Sessions run from 5:30-7 p.m. and end with a Q&A. You can register for the following sessions:

April 11, 2022
Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

April 18, 2022
Physician Assistant Studies (P.A.)

April 25, 2022
Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

April 27, 2022
New master’s degree and Ph.D. programs

Hawk Hill & University City

When we are integrated as one University, students will have the best of both worlds — studying, living and learning on Hawk Hill and in the heart of University City. The current University of the Sciences campus offers state-of-the-art science facilities and the nation’s first pharmacy school.