Transferring Credits to the Adult Learner Degree Completion Program

  • An official transcript is required from all previously attended colleges and universities for admission and transfer of credit.

  • Courses will only be transferred from regionally accredited colleges or universities unless approved by the Dean’s office.

  • Grades earned from previous college coursework do not transfer to Saint Joseph’s University and are not calculated into the Saint Joseph’s grade point average.

  • A grade of C or better is required for all transfer courses.

  • Courses valued at fewer than three-semester credits are ordinarily not transferable of themselves, but in some instances may be combined with similar courses for the equivalent of one three‐credit course.

  • Course syllabi are required for all courses to determine transferability.

  • A maximum of 25 courses may be transferred to Saint Joseph’s University

  • Adult Learner students are required to complete a minimum of fifteen classes (45 credits) at Saint Joseph’s University. At least four of these courses must be upper-division work in their major.

To learn more about transferring to Saint Joseph’s University, schedule a campus visit, or contact us at or call 610-660-1300.