Bradley Simon

Assistant Director

Recruitment Territory

New York (Nassau, New York City, Rockland, Suffolk, Westchester)



About Brad...

What is your favorite thing about working in admissions?

The admissions process baffled me when I was a high school senior. I just couldn't seem to figure out the magic formula for finding the right school for me and was lucky that I ended up at a university which offered me the experience and education that I was looking for (even though I didn't know it at the time). But now that I am on the other side, I really like learning about each student's interests and ambitions so that I can help them to debunk the mystery. I do my best to breakdown the process to reduce the intimidation while learning about their needs so that I can assure them that SJU will be able to provide the college experience that they've always imagined ... or take an opportunity to point out the numerous resources at Hawk Hill which can be used to figure out what comes next.

Why did you decide to study Business in college?

Going in to college I either wanted to become a Physical Education teacher or open and operate my own hotel. This is why I selected an institution that was AACSB accredited along with having an outstanding reputation for their education program. Once I arrived on campus, I met with my adviser (as an undeclared student) and discussed my options. She told me that in the end I needed to find something that would challenge my abilities and spark my interest not just for a few years but for my life. I was a teaching assistant during high school for Physical Education and Health, so after reflecting back I determined that this would not be the right fit for me. While I valued the importance of exercise and wellness in school, this wasn't something that I could remain passionate about until retirement. I could definitely see myself switching careers within the first 10 years on the job. This is how I ended up majoring in Marketing and Business Management. With such a skillset and business savvy, I could choose from thousands of different career paths and there was the potential to constantly move to the next level within a field. Once I began my studies I found my niche, supporting others through Business Management and using my creativity within Marketing.

What is your favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?

There is not a better way to learn about a city and its citizens than to take to the road ... literally. Since Philadelphia became my home in 2013, I have taken up the hobby of distance running. It was a way for me to learn how to navigate around the city and see all of the sights firsthand. Philadelphia is also the host to a myriad of community walks, fitness programs, and competitive runs. My favorite run - now a annual birthday tradition - is the Blue Cross Broad Street Run. It's amazing to see over 35,000 people running from the north end of the city, through the many neighborhoods, past City Hall, and down to the Navy Yard while thousands more cheer them on.