Elizabeth Gatti

Director of Transfer and Adult Admission

Recruitment Territory

Adult Learner Students

Undecided Transfer Students


About Elizabeth...

Favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?
I can't say I have one favorite. From the quirkiness of South Street, to the awe-inspiring Art Museum, First Fridays when the galleries are open late, contemporary sculpture, and everything in between, it's easy to see something new every day. Also, I appreciate the city's commitment to preserving historical architecture. 
What is your favorite location on campus? 
My favorite location are the cherry trees in front of Barbelin Hall when they blossom in the springtime. When the petals fall to the ground it looks like a cloud of cotton candy.
Why should someone come to Saint Joseph's?
A student should come to Saint Joseph's to experience what it means to push yourself beyond what you thought your limits were, to amaze yourself with your accomplishments so you can share your own unique talent with the world. An education at Saint Joseph's is like no other - it takes the student through a personal transformation of self-discovery and a journey towards understanding social justice for the greater good of humanity.