Gillian Chapline

Associate Director of Media and Communication

Recruitment Territory

World Wide Web


About Gillian...

Why did you decide to study ​psychology and business in college?

I really love working with people and problem solving anyway I can. Therefore, I decided to study psychology and business as a way to work with people in a professional setting to help figure out the best resolution to any problem! I also really like marketing and felt that psychology and business would be a perfect mix to help propel my career in the marketing field. 

What's your favorite "hidden gem" on campus that a student may or may not see on a regular tour?

The environmental science lab at SJU has real life endangered animals that are cared for by the students! 

What questions do you love to hear from students?

I love to hear students ask, "How will SJU shape my future?" Saint Joseph's offers so many amazing programs to help any student flourish, it is exciting to be able to speak to prospective students about the co-op program, study abroad, the faculty to student ratio, and so much more!