Kelly McGlynn '11, '14 M.S., '17 M.S.

Associate Director

Recruitment Territory

Pennsylvania (Northeastern PA)



About Kelly...

What has been your most favorite experience at SJU?

One of my favorite experiences would be SJU Community Day, which is a day long service opportunity for students, staff, and alumni around the world. It is a wonderful display of spirit, service, tradition, and commitment to the overall message of a Jesuit education. It is truly a day when campus comes alive for a great cause.

What's your favorite "hidden gem" on campus that a student may or may not see on a regular tour?

One of the "hidden gems" on campus is absolutely the Honor Library known as Claver House. As one of the oldest buildings on campus, Claver was remodeled from a barn to a very quaint and rustic student study environment. You can absolutely feel the history around you in Claver House with the exposed wooden beams and brick. It is a great 24-hour location for students to study or unwind a bit between classes.

If you could educate all students on ONE thing about the admissions process, what would it be?

would educate students on the importance of going into standardized tests with a strategy and taking the SAT or ACT early in order to achieve the best scores. Test preparation books or courses are always a big help to boost scores but it is even more important to have a personal strategy and goal heading into a test because it provides better time usage, better organization, and better perspective.