Rose Bouchard '06

Rose McGovern '06

Assistant Director

Recruitment Territory

Connecticut, New Jersey (Essex, Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, Morris, Warren, Hunterdon)


Getting to know Rose ...

What is your favorite location on campus?
Lapsley Lane is by far my favorite spot in campus. The first time I stepped onto the street was during a campus tour. That was when I knew that Saint Joseph’s was for me. It gives the campus an historical ambiance while also adding a very home-like feeling. No what matter which season, the trees that line Lapsley Lane always add beauty and color to the campus. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?
Philadelphia is a great college town! There is a lot of pride in the city, especially with our sports programs. We are known for our dedicated sports fans and it is something that you can see in the college-level competitions too. Being able to attend any of the "Big-5" basketball games is a great experience for anyone in Philadelphia!

Why did you choose to study history?
Because I liked it! I am lucky enough to have older siblings to look up to, and they played a major role in my college selection process. When it came to selecting a major, I was very unsure of what to choose because I had no idea what type of career I wanted after graduation. The best piece of advice that I received from my sister, and what I want to pass along to you, is to study something that you enjoy. It is important to keep your interests in mind - if you study a subject that you like, you will enjoy your classes and make the most of them!