Samantha Pitcher

Senior Admissions Counselor

Arkansas, Louisiana, New York (Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens) Oklahoma, Texas

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Getting to know Samantha ...

What would you do over again from your college experience, if you had the chance?
If I could do college over again I would study in somewhere like Australia or Italy.  I think experience learning in a different culture is so different and exciting!  I believe every student should take some time out to study abroad if even just for a week or two.

Favorite thing to do in Philadelphia? 
My favorite thing to do in Philadelphia is visit all the museums and the Olde City.  There is so much history that took place in Philadelphia and numerous opportunities to get to look back at the making of our country. Also there are so many different kinds of people here that the city is NEVER boring!

Why did you decide to study History as your major?
I majored in History and Education in college.  I chose history because I love learning about other places, the traditions, ideas and things that took place there.  I knew I loved working with students since I coached in high school and helping students reach their dreams had always made me so happy!  Now I get to do that for my prospective students here!