Sue Chen

Associate Director

California, New York (Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx), Delaware

E-mail Sue
Phone: 610-660-1995

Twitter: @suechensju


Getting to know Sue ...

What is your favorite thing about reading applications? 
Reading the essays is my favorite part, especially if a student has a funny experience or story to relate. It gives the application a face or personality. I also love photos and movies from students. 

What has been your favorite experience at SJU? 
I love move in day for Freshmen and I like the last week of classes for Seniors. They make me nostalgic for the time I spent in college.

What is your favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?
I love attending sporting events in Philadelphia. Our fans are passionate and loyal. Tickets are relatively easy to get for most of our professional sports and our venues are easily accessible from campus.