Undecided about your major?

SJU is the place for you!

Saint Joseph’s University is the perfect place to begin your studies if you're undecided about your major. At Saint Joseph’s, the undergraduate curriculum includes a comprehensive General Education Program (GEP) which is designed to keep students on track for graduation while exploring entry-level courses in a number of disciplines. Through investigation, reflection, practice and discussion, students discover broad topics and disciplines ranging from the sciences to the arts.

“If you’re unsure about your major, coming in undeclared can actually help you gain some time and perspective to figure it all out.”
– Dr. Celina Gray, Director of the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Support Center

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You will have a good deal of company as an undecided student. Approximately 20 percent of Saint Joseph’s students enter as freshmen without declaring a major. These students have the option of choosing to enroll as one of the following:

  • Undecided Business
  • Undecided Humanities
  • Undecided Natural Sciences
  • Undecided Social Sciences

Students can learn a great deal about a potential major by choosing a first-year seminar (FYS) in that department while satisfying a graduation requirement at the same time. FYS classes are in areas you may never have imagined, like comedy and social justice, exploring culture through eating, consumer health, phage safari, the Jesuits and urban America, the finance industry through movies, and many more. First-year seminar courses expose incoming students to a breadth of information within a variety of academic programs. Many students credit their FYS classes as setting them along the path to major selection.

Saint Joseph’s University offers undergraduate students the necessary support to select a major by the first semester of their sophomore year. This ensures students stay on track for graduation! Choosing a major is a very personal decision and it’s Saint Joseph’s University mission to instill a love of learning and foster intellectual and professional achievement in each and every one of our students. Below are just a few of the many resources available to help students make an informed choice for their major.

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