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Walter Smith

Kevin Clapano

Tim Boyce

Timothy Boyce is the Outreach Coordinator for the Saint Joseph’s University Center for Domestic Leadership and Preparedness. Since joining Saint Joseph’s University in 2007 as an Emergency Management Specialist for the Early Responders Distance Learning Center, Mr. Boyce has coordinated several Homeland Security projects for Federal agencies, schools and corporations. Those projects included work on promoting strategic leadership on Domestic Preparedness, Emergency Planning and Crisis Response and Recovery team management.

Mr. Boyce also conducts emergency operational program reviews, develops training and directs exercises on business continuity, risk assessment and management as well as disaster response and recovery for clients. Specializing in developing and facilitating table-top and field exercise, Timothy Boyce has the experience and knowledge to bring together various stakeholders to address threats in a collaborative environment that ultimately strives to improve planning and benefits the client understanding of the capabilities of resources.

Timothy Boyce career in emergency management spans 30 years and he currently holds the rank of Deputy Fire Chief for a large combination fire department. As Deputy Chief, Mr. Boyce manages both volunteer and career emergency personnel in training and emergency response activities. In 2008, the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office appointed Mr. Boyce as the County’s first Community Preparedness Coordinator. In this capacity, Mr. Boyce works extensively with Public Safety agencies, schools and businesses to ensure that issues involving Homeland Security are coordinated amongst public and private partners. Timothy Boyce has also been involved with planning and managing several National Security Special Events.

Timothy Boyce continues to serve on a number of Homeland Security committees across the region including the Department of Justice Anti-Terrorism Advisory Committee, the Southeast Pennsylvania All-Hazard’s Regional Task Force and the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center in Philadelphia. Mr. Boyce holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Temple University and a Master’s of Science degree in public safety from Saint Joseph’s University. Timothy Boyce has presented nationally on behalf of the Department of Education, the Department of Defense Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office, major Universities and Fortune 500 companies.

Darren Stocker

Darren K. Stocker is the Director of Offsite and Online Programs for the College of Professional and Liberal Studies. He is also the Co-Director of the Center for Domestic Leadership and Preparedness. He also teaches both Criminological Theories and Professional Writing in the Criminal Justice Graduate Division. Darren has over 15 years in Higher Education as an educator. He designed and implemented several online courses in the areas of the Sociology of Disasters and Risk Assessment

Darren’s background includes more than 20 years in law enforcement as well as over 6 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He is actively engaged in community programs, the development of education and training curricula and virtual training. He has authored or coauthored several articles that have appeared in various academic journals. He has also been an invited speaker at conferences and meeting throughout the country speaking about bioterrorism, agroterrorism, and related contemporary topics.