Clients include Aramark Services, District Attorney’s Office of Delaware County, U.S. Liability Insurance, the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, VPIS and the National Catholic Conference.

“Thanks to the vast knowledge base and subject matter expertise at Saint Joseph’s University, Aramark Corporation has successfully developed an Annual Preparedness Exercise that tests organizational readiness capabilities to ensure the safety of our people and protection of our brand and image,” said Marc S. Liciardello, MBA, CFM, CM, vice president, Corporate Services, ARAMARK.

“Established and emerging public safety professionals in the public and private sectors need a wide variety of training experiences to provide solid leadership in the face of any natural or human-caused disaster,” said Ed Atkins, director, Chester County Department of Emergency Services. “The experts at the Center will continue the Saint Joseph’s tradition of providing outstanding ethics-based leadership training while expanding opportunities for certificate-documented training.”

“Saint Joseph’s University’s Center for Domestic Preparedness and Leadership has helped advance the mission of the Jesuit Conference and other Catholic institutions both nationally and internationally.  The Center’s work provides an excellent experience of educating religious personnel on contemporary issues,” said Rev. Thomas H. Smolich, S.J., President, Jesuit Conference of the United States.