Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions

NOTICE: Saint Joseph’s University’s (University or SJU) computing facilities and all accounts are the sole property of the University and, as such, there is no basis for any individual using Saint Joseph’s technology resources to have any expectation of privacy in that use. Access to the University’s networks and systems is for authorized University-related persons (e.g., employees, students and alumni) only. All data contained on the University systems, servers, storage devices, or transmitted over the University’s networks is the property of the University. While the University does not seek to, nor will it, monitor all traffic across its networks and through its equipment, it is possible that, while seeking to deter illegal peer-to-peer distribution of copyrighted materials (e.g., music and movies), the programs tested or used for this purpose may, also, randomly identify the distribution of other types of illegal material or activity (e.g., child pornography or gambling) or network activity and/or conduct that is inconsistent with or in violation of University policies. Notwithstanding this approach, information on SJU computing equipment and accounts can be searched or seized by authorized University personnel, if necessary, as well as by outside enforcement authorities, subject to proper legal process. The installation and/or use of software not expressly owned or granted for use to the University is strictly prohibited. Saint Joseph's complete Policy Governing the Use of Computing and Network Resources can be found on the Information Technology web site.


The Copyright Policy of Saint Joseph's University was written in compliance with the requirements of Higher Education Opportunity Act. The policy serves as a guide to the Saint Joseph's community and provides a number of processes and resources to assist its faculty in meeting the University’s copyright obligations under the HEOA. 

Full Copyright Policy

Contact: Mary Ann McMenamin, Senior Director, Academic Technology and Distributed Learning.