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Department of Food Marketing

The Department of Food Marketing in the Erivan K. Haub School of Business offers an internationally recognized food marketing degree program at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The department is one of the largest majors in the university and provides students job placement with manufacturers such as General Mills and PepsiCo, retailers such as Wegmans and Wal-Mart, and marketing research firms such as AC Nielsen and IRI, as well as various advertising and consulting agencies. Our graduates pursue entry-level marketing, analyst and sales positions and are fast-tracked to the executive level.

The Department of Food Marketing provides numerous opportunities for students to learn the ins and outs of the food industry and gain skills that will help them move on to job placements with major companies. 

Students study important topics from faculty who inform and influence the industry and public policy sectors regarding leading food issues. Most faculty members in the food marketing department have worked full time for food manufacturers, retailers and food marketing/advertising firms and have practical first-hand experience in the industry in which they teach. Additionally, with the support of the Academy of Food Marketing, the department develops and maintains strong industry ties to assist job placement for graduating seniors, recruiting incoming freshmen, student advising, program promotion, and scholarships.

Students also have access to the Campbell Library, the program's own specialty library and one of the largest depositories of food industry information in the world. Outstanding students are given the opportunity to travel around the U.S. to major food conferences in cities like Chicago, Las Vegas and San Diego. The program also offers service-learning opportunities, international study tours and an active student-run organization. A five-year co-op program provides exceptional employment opportunities and an economical approach to education.


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Faculty members bring real-world experience in the food and beverage industry and are eager to help students succeed.

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Academy of Food Marketing

Recognized by employers and recruiters around the world, the Academy of Food Marketing is the home base for Saint Joseph's retail and food marketing education and research. The Center supports the Department of Food Marketing and the Campbell Collection and provides scholarships, internship services and co-op experiences for students. It also supports the Gerald E. Peck Fellowship, which represents a collaborative three-year academic research opportunity between a chosen faculty researcher and an industry organization. 

News & Announcements

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Shoppers are inundated with choices at the grocery store, but what ultimately causes them to make a purchase? Professor of Food Marketing John Stanton, Ph.D., and alumna Ekaterina Salnikova, Ph.D., ’14 (M.S.) conducted a study to determine what language causes milk drinkers to put cartons in carts. Their findings were published in the British Food Journal.

Alumni Spotlight

Genevieve Sheridan

No other school had a major dedicated to food like SJU did. The amount I learned in my food marketing classes, along with internships in the food industry, made my transition into working at General Mills very easy. I still find myself connecting things I learned in my classes to what I do now."

Genevieve Sheridan

Genevieve Sheridan '16

Former Customer Account Manager, General Mills

Michael Tenney

Saint Joseph's turned my passion and excitement for food into an academic and professional opportunity. Being a student in such a prestigious and focused program made me stick out throughout the recruitment and interview process as well."

Michael Tenney

Michael Tenney '20

Manager in Training, Rich Products Co.

Jessica Olszyk

My SJU education is the entire reason I was able to obtain the first step in my professional goals. The classes through the food marketing department are exactly what employers look for and want, especially in the consumer packaged goods industry."

Jessica Olszyk

Jessica Olszyk '19

Customer Account Manager, PepsiCo

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