COVID-19 Dashboard

Saint Joseph’s actively monitors and responds to positive case notifications with contact tracing protocols. Importantly, community members must immediately report if they experience symptoms, are exposed to coronavirus or receive positive test results through the COVID-19 Self-Disclosure Form.

The following dashboards display positive results from entry, symptomatic, exposure and surveillance testing programs that have an impact on the community and need to be contact traced. This data includes residential students, non-residential students, employees and affiliates. Positive individuals are contacted and either isolate at home or at University isolation locations. Close contacts are identified and quarantined.

The dashboard reflects cases as of the date the University is notified through the COVID-19 Self-Disclosure form. Historical data is added retroactively in occasional circumstances when the University becomes aware at a later date. Dashboards are provided for entry, semester and winter/summer break time periods as testing strategies are different for each of these timeframes.

Note that the Summer 2021 dashboard reports each Monday on data from the previous week. 

To request this data in an accessible format, please use this contact form.


Summer 2021



Spring Semester 2021



Spring Entry 2021

The entry dashboard includes all positive cases that meet the criteria above during the period of time when students return to campus. This includes positive results that have the potential to impact the community identified through self-disclosure including symptomatic, exposure, cause or entry testing.


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Winter Break 2020

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Fall Semester 2020