March 18: Voluntary Vaccination Disclosure

TO: SJU Community (Faculty, students, staff and parents)
FROM: Cary Anderson, Ed.D., Vice President for Student Life and Associate Provost; Zenobia Hargust, M.S., SPHR, Chief Human Resources Officer
RE: Voluntary Vaccination Disclosure
DATE: March 18, 2021 at 4:45 P.M. 

What You Need To Know:

  • The University will begin allowing vaccinated community members to voluntarily disclose vaccination.
  • Those who have been fully vaccinated will follow a different set of quarantine procedures and will not be required to participate in surveillance testing.
  • Access to this personal health information is extremely limited and only non-identifiable information will be shared to inform decision-making.

As vaccine distribution accelerates across the nation and more and more members of our community receive them, we will be implementing a voluntary reporting survey to assist us in our ongoing efforts to mitigate virus transmission on campus.

This survey will allow the University to provide asymptomatic community members who have been vaccinated with customized quarantine procedures and excuse them from surveillance testing. Without providing this information, vaccinated community members will still need to follow University quarantine and surveillance testing protocols as we will need proof of vaccination to make exceptions.  

Access to the survey results will be limited to the contact tracing administrators, the student testing coordinator and the Student Health Center.  

To help guide institutional decisions about fall mitigation efforts, non-identifiable information such as the number reporting vaccination, and the percentage of subpopulations (e.g., students or employees) may be shared with University leadership.  

Again, this reporting survey is voluntary but once someone chooses to report this information, all fields must be completed, including uploading proof of vaccination, date and type of vaccination. Have your records available before starting the survey.

All members of the Saint Joseph’s University community are encouraged to receive a vaccination when they are eligible. For more information, visit Hawk Hill Ahead.