October 1: Spring Semester Registration Update

TO: SJU Community
FROM: Cheryl McConnell, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
RE: Spring Semester Registration Update
DATE: October 1, 2020 at 11:00 A.M.

What You Need To Know:

  • At Saint Joseph’s, we believe that offering an on-ground education provides students, particularly undergraduates, the opportunity to enjoy a rich campus experience.
  • For students who have a compelling need to study from home, the University will continue to offer flexibility in the Spring 2021 semester. Classes will continue to be offered in a variety of formats.
  • In order to receive a fully online schedule in the Spring 2021 semester, requests must be submitted by Thursday, October 15. Requests submitted after this date will be considered but not guaranteed.
  • The University is committed to educational excellence and a sense of community regardless of course format. Faculty advisors and advising centers are available to help and support our students.

Preparations for the Spring 2021 semester are underway with registration for spring classes beginning in early November. The Fall 2020 semester was our first starting in a pandemic, and we’ve learned from our on-ground experience: what has gone well and what we need to enhance. Our students have indicated a preference for an on-campus experience and, throughout the fall, our faculty have continued to optimize their curricula for face-to-face, hybrid, hyflex and online courses. Our student life, facilities and academic affairs teams have also partnered on many creative solutions, just one example being an outdoor learning space. We all benefit from being together, even while six feet apart.
When deciding how you will experience your education next semester, I encourage you to think about:

  • What do you enjoy most from your various learning experiences over the past year? (Examples may include in-person classroom debate, independent reading and reflection.)
  • How important is group study to your success? How do you learn best?
  • How often do you visit resources like the library and Career Development Center?
  • Do you have access to wellness and recreation opportunities while studying from home?
  • Does home provide an optimal learning environment for you?

We anticipate that spring registration will be easier to navigate because course instructional methods will be available prior to the start of registration. If you intend to be a fully remote student in Spring 2021, please submit the Remote Learning Request Form by Thursday, October 15. Once a request is approved, fully remote students will build their schedule with courses that are either online or hyflex, the two instructional methods that will accommodate a remote student. Please note that this is a firm deadline. After this date, only requests related to documented health concerns, disability or extraordinary circumstances can be considered.
Please note:

  • This form is only for students who intend to be fully remote in spring.
  • All students will have the option to register for online and hyflex courses in addition to face-to-face and hybrid courses as part of their regular course selection. However, identifying students who need a fully remote schedule at this early date is essential to ensure we meet student needs.
  • Fully remote students cannot be accommodated in face-to-face courses. Accommodations in hybrid courses will be considered only in extraordinary circumstances and will require instructor and department chair approval.

Please know that the University supports your decision and is committed to educational excellence and a sense of community regardless of course format. As always, your faculty advisor and the advising centers are available to help you discuss and consider your options to decide if a fully remote schedule is best for you in spring.
If you have general questions you would like to discuss before you make the decision to study remotely for the spring, including questions about campus life, residence life or financial aid, please contact us using this link.  We would be happy to further discuss your decision and help you weigh all the possibilities.
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in spring of 2021.