COVID-19 Dashboard

In accordance with our extensive Health and Safety Plan, Saint Joseph’s is actively monitoring and responding to positive cases. Importantly, community members are asked to immediately report if they experience symptoms, are exposed to coronavirus or receive positive test results through the COVID-19 Self-Disclosure Form.

The following dashboard displays positive results from symptomatic, exposure and surveillance testing that have an impact on the community. For example, reported positive cases of students and employees who have been on campus within the past two weeks are included. This data includes residential students, non-residential students, employees and affiliates. Positive individuals are contacted and are either isolated at home or at University isolation locations. Close contacts are identified and quarantined.

The dashboard reflects cases as of the date the University is notified through the COVID-19 Self-Disclosure form. Historical data is also added retroactively in occasional circumstances when the University becomes aware at a later date.

To request this data in an accessible format, please use this contact form.

Data updated daily at 9:30 a.m. for the previous day.




Prior to the start of the academic year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (PA) guidance did not recommend or direct that mass testing of asymptomatic individuals be conducted. Nonetheless, Saint Joseph’s decided to institute such a program, contracting with Vault Health to administer PCR, saliva-based COVID-19 tests to identify any positive cases among students and employees/affiliates.

Campus-arrival testing was completed on September 3, 2020. All cases identified through the initiative are cleared and no longer active. The University received 4,648 test results. This represents approximately 98.45% of the test kits registered. The average time for test results was 2.71 days. The total positivity rate was approximately 0.42%, with a student positivity rate of approximately 0.44% (17 positive results) and an employee positivity rate of approximately 0.35% (2 positive results).

Campus-arrival testing did not include employees/affiliates who are fully telecommuting and students who are taking online courses only and will not be on campus. Additionally, in accordance with medical guidelines, testing did not include individuals who previously tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 90 days.

Students and employees/affiliates who did not participate in the testing program as required were contacted and asked to attend additional testing opportunities on September 10 and 11. Those results are captured in the daily case dashboard above.


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