June 5: Hawk Hill Ready: Fall Semester Academic Calendar Modifications

TO: All Students
FROM: Cheryl McConnell, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Cary Anderson, Ed.D, Associate Provost, VP/Student Life
RE: Hawk Hill Ready: Fall Semester Academic Calendar Modifications
DATE: June 5, 2020 at 1:00 PM

As Saint Joseph’s faculty and staff continue to plan for the start of fall classes, we wanted to communicate important changes to the academic calendar.
We will begin courses on-ground on the scheduled date of Monday, August 24, modify the calendar to eliminate fall break, and move to virtual instruction after Thanksgiving. This modification is designed to limit possible coronavirus spread due to an anticipated winter resurgence of the virus. Instead of fall break, two reading days will be added -- one placed approximately four weeks into the semester and the other placed approximately eight weeks into the semester.

These times were chosen to give measured breaks knowing that many exams and papers will be spread throughout the semester rather than concentrated on a more traditional midterm format. After Thanksgiving, there will be one week of virtual instruction and one week of final exams or student presentations/projects. The semester will now end on Saturday, December 12.
To recap, the following changes are posted to the academic calendar online:

  • August 24: 16-week courses begin
  • September 22: Reading Day, no classes
  • October 28: Reading Day, no classes
  • November 30: Classes resume virtually following Thanksgiving Break
  • December 7: Final exams begin for 16-week courses
  • December 12: Last day of final exams for 16-week courses

We plan to keep residence halls open and provide other campus services through December 12, but if you travel home for Thanksgiving, we ask that you remain home for the duration of the semester and return for the spring semester in January.
As we continue planning, future updates will continue to be posted online, now at sju.edu/hawkhillready, which replaces the coronavirus site. We look forward to seeing you back on Hawk Hill in August.