Conditional Admission to Saint Joseph's University

International students who wish to be accepted to Saint Joseph’s University but do not yet have the required English language proficiency maybe eligible for conditional admission.


  • What is Conditional Admission?
    • Students who have applied to Saint Joseph’s University and have met all of the requirements except for the English language requirement can receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance.
  • How can I get a Conditional Letter of Acceptance?
    • International students should apply both to ELS at and to Saint Joseph’s University at If they are accepted to Saint Joseph’s University they will be issued a conditional letter of acceptance and an ELS I-20.
  • When and how can I get my full admission to SJU?
    • Students will receive full university admission after they have submitted one of the following:
  1. Successful completion of ELS Level 112 English for Academic Purposes plus a letter of recommendation from the Academic Director
  2. 80 on the TOEFL
  3. 6.5 on the IELTs