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Welcome to the Environmental Science and Sustainability Program

The Program turns 20!

This Spring the Program will be commemorating its 20th Anniversary with a series of public lectures on a range of topics in Environmental Science and Studies including political action, farming, oceanography and chemistry. For more information, please see our lecture page here. Our second talk in the series will take place on Wednesday March 22nd

Marinov Lecture


Welcome to the home page for the Environmental Science and Sustainability program at Saint Joseph’s University. The ESS program is housed in the College of Arts and Science, and offers training and opportunities for undergraduate research in areas such as Ecology, Sustainability, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental History and Environmental Policy. The ESS program provides an interdisciplinary perspective on today’s environmental issues and prepares students for careers in the ever-growing field of environmental science.

The strength of the Environmental Sciences and Sustainability program is a strong foundation in the natural sciences, which is crucial to understanding the scientific concepts that underlie all environmental issues. Majors follow a course of study that develops their understanding of the basic principles of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Building on these fundamentals students then move on to a series of upper division courses that delve more deeply into the scientific underpinnings of environmental issues or explore the intersection of environmental science and a myriad of other disciplines such as economics, history, sociology and political science. Each student has the ability to work with their advisor to design a personalized course of study that will prepare him or her for traditional environmental careers such as scientific research, advocacy, and teaching or to apply their knowledge in other fields such as business or policy.

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Jonathan Fingerut

Director, Environmental Science Program