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Top 10 Reasons to be a Kinney SCHOLAR

Top 10 Reasons to be a Kinney SCHOLAR

Working at the Kinney Center provides an experience like no other. Need some reasons about why you should join the Kinney team? We asked SCHOLAR Emily Fordham her reasons about why YOU should become a Kinney SCHOLAR! 

1. Kinney is FUN!
From slime making to dance parties, there is truly never a dull moment at the Kinney Center. College can be stressful at times and Kinney is always a great way to detach from the stressors of student life and immerse yourself in a uniquely fun experience!

2. Kinney is a supportive training environment
Whether you are a Full Time Staff Member, Graduate Assistant, Case Manager, Practicum Student, or SCHOLAR, you come to work every day knowing you will learn something new. At Kinney, everyone is constantly learning and there is no expectation to be "perfect." We  do the best we can and rely on the help of others to teach us when we need it! There are also so many people and resources to rely on. 

3. Professional Development Opportunities
Regardless of your major or career goals, Kinney can help you develop professional skills such as consultation, planning, professionalism, accountability, responsibility, punctuality, and so much more. Many college students don't get to fine-tune these skills until they are placed in to their first "real" job after college, BUT working at Kinney as a SCHOLAR can give you a head start on these skills! 

4. Celebrate neurodiversity!
Everyone has something that makes them a little different. At Kinney, we promote the celebration of differences and the acceptance of individuals regardless of what makes them different.

5. You get PAID!
Everyone can use a little bit of extra money these days, huh?? Working one shift at Kinney can provide that extra little bit of cash so that you can go out to dinner with friends or go to a cool concert in the city!

6. There is a wide variety of programs where YOU can learn TOO!
Through my experience as a SCHOLAR, I have worked a wide variety of programs from Sports and Recreation to Social Skills. Before working the Kinney Sports Programs, I had no formal experience with swimming. Through supporting one amazing learner during our Swimming program, I was able to learn how to do many swimming skills that I didn't know how to do before with them as they learned too. 

7. Great networking opportunities!
Kinney has a great pool of alumni SCHOLARS and Staff. Being able to list Kinney as a job experience/reference looks great for any resume!

9. BFFs with your learners!
As well as befriending my coworkers, as a Kinney SCHOLAR you make so many meaningful relationships with the individuals we work with. It is always such a light in my busy weeks at SJU to get to come to Kinney and hang out with so many of my favorite buddies at programs!

10. Being able to provide families with fun and safe opportunities they many otherwise not been offered. 
We all have so many fond memories of attending summer camp or playing sports on the weekends growing up. For many of the individuals we serve, they are unfortunately excluded from many of these opportunities due to their diagnoses. As a SCHOLAR, you provide staffing and therefore opportunity for these individuals to have access to services like Sports/Recreation or Summer Camp that they need (and deserve!) to be included in!