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The Journey to Becoming a BCBA

The path to becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) can be a long one and requires lots of dedication. Aspiring BCBAs must complete Graduate Level coursework in Behavior Analysis, complete 2,000 hours of supervised fieldwork, pass the BCBA exam, and become licensed in the state that they wish to practice in. Later this year, three of our Graduate Assistants will take the final steps in this process and sit for their exam. Clare Peropat '20, '22 (M.S.) started her training when she worked at the Kinney Center as a SCHOLAR and now shares her story as she looks back at her time at the Kinney Center. 


by Kinney Center

Why you decide to become a BCBA?

My passion for this field has evolved since my time working at the Kinney Center and attending Saint Joseph’s University. As an undergraduate at SJU, I majored in Autism Behavioral Studies (ABS) while working at the Kinney Center. The experiences in the classroom and 1-1 with clients sparked my interest in becoming a BCBA. Witnessing the progress clients can make while using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is truly inspiring to me.

How Kinney has impacted your experience?

Kinney has impacted my journey to becoming a BCBA by providing me with the tools and skillset to be the best practitioner I can be. I’ve been challenged with different perspectives which has allowed me to look at things with a new outlook—I have learned a tremendous amount from all those who have supervised me during my time at the Kinney Center. As a whole, the staff at the Kinney Center have reminded me that everyone is always learning and that not knowing everything in this very moment is completely okay. Kinney has provided me with the confidence and real-world experience to do great things in the field of ABA.

Goals for your future after graduation? 

After graduation, I will be studying to sit for the BCBA exam to gain my BCBA credential. My goal is to continue to pass on the knowledge the Kinney Center has so graciously provided me so that the future autism professionals of the world will be well equipped to support those on the autism spectrum with quality services!