English & Professional Writing BLS

The ability to concisely communicate an idea, a problem or a story is a valuable skill in any profession. From the classroom to the boardroom, English majors are not only meticulous with each word choice, but they are able to convey critical information in an engaging way to many different audiences. Saint Joseph’s University fosters imaginative intelligence of students while enriching their professional skill set. Across all industries and fields, advanced skills in reading, writing and speaking are valuable. With a Saint Joseph’s education, you get the one-on-one attention and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in nearly any professional environment. 

Professional Writing 

The Department of English seeks to enlarge and refine the imaginative intelligence of its students—to enrich their intellectual lives as well as to help them develop their professional ones. The disciplined study of professional writing and speaking provides the means to those ends. The English major offers both a humane and a liberalizing experience, while at the same time making available to its students the opportunity to acquire and practice the skills in professional writing and speaking that will enhance their careers. 

The program stresses the study of the theories and techniques of rhetoric as they are applied in particular professional fields including business communications, advertising, public relations, and journalism. Many of the courses in this program are offered in an accelerated format, i.e., in modules of eight weeks. Frequent practice in these techniques encourages students to communicate coherently, imaginatively, and with impact. 

Over 86% of Saint Joseph’s University Professional and Liberal Studies and Haub Degree Completion Graduates were employed full-time at the date of graduation. Whereas, 3% of the Professional and Liberal Studies class of 2017 have chosen to further their education by attending graduate school on a full-time basis while 6% have decided to delay their job search.