General Studies BLS

Format Offered: On Campus or Online

When juggling a family and a career while pursuing an education, time is precious and flexibility is critical. The general studies major provides online, evening and accelerated classes for adult students seeking a bachelor’s degree. The well-rounded curriculum provides students with a variety of courses to choose from that will best suit each person’s personal and professional goals. Adult students arrive at Saint Joseph’s University with a variety of different interests, but graduate with the skills needed to pursue their career goals. Areas of study include: 

Autism Concentration - General Studies BLS 

Humanities Concentration - General Studies BLS 

Professional Studies - General Studies BLS 

Social Sciences Concentration - General Studies BLS 

Over 86% of Saint Joseph’s University Professional and Liberal Studies and Haub Degree Completion Graduates were employed full-time at the date of graduation. Whereas, 3% of the Professional and Liberal Studies class of 2017 have chosen to further their education by attending graduate school on a full-time basis while 6% have decided to delay their job search.