Managing Human Capital B.B.A.

Business is about more than profit margins, innovation and bottom lines – it’s also about people. Motivated employees, whose talent is recognized, will do better work, and the managing human capital program at Saint Joseph’s University helps its students become the type of managers who can lead thoughtfully and diligently. Our program is flexible to fit your needs as a student and offers daytime, evening and online courses.

Students in the program learn how to attract, develop and retain talented employees. We aim to emphasize the individual as a stakeholder and educate how to lead a human-capital-centric/high involvement organization. Human capital plays a crucial role in all organizations today, and our graduates learn the key to successfully leading and motivating people to high-caliber performance.

Graduates from our program go on to careers in human resources, talent management and many other fields. Organizations rely on human capital managers to build crucial employee skills, motivate employees to do great work, and increase overall job satisfaction.