Organizational Development and Leadership BLS

If you believe leaders are made, not born, the Bachelor of Science in organizational development and leadership may be a fit for you. Leaders, and how they interact with people, plans, policies and even office politics, can dramatically affect how well an organization functions and performs in the marketplace.

Bringing together psychology, sociology and communications coursework, this bachelor’s degree equips students with insights and applicable theories to successfully manage and position an organization for success through the effective use of human resources. Graduates are able to conduct research to promote effective, ethical management at the macro and micro levels.

With the flexibility of evening coursework, working professionals can advance their education and career simultaneously. With a central focus on people in organizations, the degree is applicable to nearly any industry. Students gain marketable skills, from analysis of individual relationships to the overarching management of the organization. The program not only delves into the topics of leadership from an educational perspective, but also brings the concepts to life by developing each student.