Psychological Studies BLS

Format Offered: On Campus or Online 

In nearly every profession, from health to education, knowledge of psychology is critical for long-term success. For those who are interested in understanding the human mind, who want to delve deeper into topics like decision-making, impulses, nature and nurture – Saint Joseph’s offers a psychological studies major with the convenience and flexibility desired by many adult students. 

A psychological studies major will be well-versed in relevant, current research and the application of that research in many settings; experimental, clinical, counseling and health-related. Psychological studies majors are offered courses in research methods and statistics, which can be helpful for a practitioner, but are also built on a foundation of science, philosophy, theology and mathematics. Since many students may desire to someday practice in the field, the moral and ethical aspects of psychology are addressed to provide real-life perspectives. 

The psychological studies major serves as a gateway to a diverse range of employment opportunities, including the healthcare and legal professions, human resources and management positions, education and school counseling, and other social, industrial and organizational situations. Graduates both continue their studies in Master Degree programs and are employed as school psychologists, counselors, attorneys, physicians and successful businessmen and women. 

Over 86% of Saint Joseph’s University Professional and Liberal Studies and Haub Degree Completion Graduates were employed full-time at the date of graduation. Whereas, 3% of the Professional and Liberal Studies class of 2017 have chosen to further their education by attending graduate school on a full-time basis while 6% have decided to delay their job search.