Membership is available to privately held companies, partnerships and family-controlled firms who are committed to improving their competitiveness.

Fee: The cost for membership is $4,000 per family business.

Services to members include:

Ownership Strategy Planning Guide: Membership begins with the creation of an ownership planning agenda. Every new member completes a survey which evaluates shareholder views on a number of factors related to the long-term success of family enterprises. Results are compiled in a report which outlines the topics members have prioritized as part of creating their "Ownership Strategic Plan."

Entrepreneurial Skill Building for Successor Generations and Non-Family Managers: Using a proprietary evaluation process, our team of faculty and industry experts will assess a potential successor's entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities and offer strategies for benchmarking to maximize future success.

Educational and Benchmarking Seminars: During the course of the academic year, we will offer five educational seminars focused on topics critical to the success of our family business and entrepreneurship members. Upcoming events include:

  • Escaping a Culture of Entitlement: Six Generations of Family-Based Entrepreneurship in the Wolf Organization;
  • The Case of the Accidental Business Moguls: Discovering Your Family's Competitive Advantage;
  • Your Family's Real Estate: A Tool for Creating New Streams of Wealth;
  • Building Relationship Capital: Tools Required for Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution;
  • The Emotional Side of Money: Insights for Ensuring a Healthy Relationship with Money and Wealth.

Affinity Groups: Members are organized into small groups according to entrepreneurial capabilities and organizational life stages for confidential discussions and coaching.

Networking: Members enjoy a number of live and virtual opportunities for networking.

Consulting: Customized solutions for individuals and family organizations.

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