Applied Behavioral Analysis Concentration

Add Value to Your Masters Degree

A concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis empowers professionals to improve the lives of those with behavioral and developmental issues. This concentration prepares and qualifies you to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst exam.

This concentration is offered in the following programs:

If you’ve already completed a master’s degree, but wish to develop your knowledge and training in applied behavior analysis, SJU also offers a post-master’s certificate in behavior analysis.

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Behavioral Analysis in Health Education

Behavioral Analysis in Criminal Justice

Behavioral Analysis in Special Education

A concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis will broaden your exposure to aspects of the healthcare industry, and prepare you for roles in the growing field of behavior analysis.  Once complete, students work in a variety of setting in the field such as:

  • General and Special Education
  • Mental health
  • Behavioral health
  • Geriatrics
  • Disability
  • Business
  • Institutions of higher learning

In the field of criminal justice, training in applied behavioral analysis prepares professionals to develop new and innovative investigative approaches, counseling programs, crime prevention and rehabilitation strategies. 

Behavioral analysis specialists work in the court systems, government agencies, and law enforcement organizations as:

  • Juvenile Advocates
  • Social Workers
  • Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Behavior Specialists
  • Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Human Services Professionals.

Education professionals trained in behavior analysis are uniquely positioned to help students excel in the classroom. With an understanding of the causes of behavioral disorders and learning obstacles and knowledge of the principles of learning and child psychology, you can work to develop functional behavioral assessments, classroom management strategies, interventions, and program evaluations.

This training is especially useful for positions such as:

  • Special Education Teachers and Aides
  • Behavior Analysts
  • Behavior Specialists
  • Educational Consultants
  • Speech-language Pathologists
  • Administrators