English as a Second Language Endorsement (K-12)

Format Offered: Online


Preparing You with In-Demand Skills

Research from the U.S. Department of Education indicates that public school enrollment of children for whom English is a second language has increased 114 percent in Pennsylvania within the last ten years. This has created a critical need for qualified education specialists to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). ESL teachers may find employment in diverse learning environments, such as elementary, middle and high schools; community and four-year colleges; and continuing education programs. The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires all teachers working with ESL students in a K-12 environment to have an ESL specialist certificate.

Saint Joseph’s University’s English as a second language (ESL) specialist program prepares individuals who possess Level I or Level II instructional certification to teach non-native speakers of English the be proficient in speaking, reading and writing English. Delivered online, the ESL specialist program offers a convenient and flexible option for certified teachers to expand their skills and knowledge in this area and earn certification in as little as three semesters.

A Program with Numerous Benefits:

  • This 16 credit program satisfies the Pennsylvania state education requirements for preparation to teach English as a Second Language.
  • Graduate students may complete the certification program in three terms or they can space the coursework to fit their schedules.
  • The ESL endorsement program is taught by expert faculty who integrate readings, discussion, and field experiences into coursework. Curriculum covers the theory and practice of second language education for English Language Learners (ELL), the design and assessment of ESL course materials, as well as broader issues in intercultural learning. Coursework is taught online. This endorsement may be added as part of a Reading Specialist certification or as part of an M.S. Ed. Reading Specialist program track.
  • The English as a Second Language Endorsement is a program available to students that currently possess a Pennsylvania Instructional I or Instructional II teaching certificate
  • After successfully completion of five graduate courses and field experience hours, candidates may submit documentation to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, which will issue a program specialist certificate for ESL.

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