Health Education M.S.

Promoting Individual, Family, Organizational and Community Health

The health education profession is dedicated to excellence in the practice of promoting individual, family, organizational, and community health.  The M.S. in Health Education at Saint Joseph's University will prepare you to understand the value of diversity in society and to embrace a cross-cultural approach as you assist individuals in making positive health-related social and behavioral changes.

Expert Faculty, Multidisciplinary Curriculum

You will be mentored by expert faculty, many of whom are employed by surrounding healthcare institutions. This allows the faculty to provide invaluable practical insight for the graduate experience.

The multidisciplinary curriculum spans community assessment, program planning and implementation, and health services research, among other areas. You’ll conclude your studies with a capstone research project and will be given the opportunity to engage in fieldwork, maximizing your practical experience.

Applied Behavioral Analysis Concentration

A concentration in applied behavioral analysis adds value to your degree. Behavior analysts help develop treatment plans for individuals dealing with behavioral disorders and learning obstacles, supervise behavior intervention plans, and develop strategies for wellness management.

Health Promotion and Wellness Concentration (New)

The M.S. in Health Education with a concentration in Health Promotion and Wellness involves the study of management and health promotion at the community level. Students focus on health promotion and wellness issues, leadership skills, health disparities, the ocial determinants of health, policy and health program development and promotion, as well as the proper navigation within these systems of care. The curriculum combines an understanding of the current US health system as well as international health systems, integrative preventative health and management concepts. This degree will be well suited for public health program managers, health services administrators, health services providers, and care coordinators in behavioral health and gerontology. 

A Competitive Degree for a Thriving Field

With national policy emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention, health education is a thriving field. Graduates assume positions of leadership and service as professional health educators in a variety of practice, research and policy-making settings. With a degree in health education, you will truly effect change in the world through meaningful contributions to the fields of education and healthcare.

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Program Success Message: 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that from 2014-2024, we'll see:

12% job growth for health educators

22%  job growth for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors

19.6% job growth for mental health counselors

9% job growth for rehab counselors