Reading Specialist PK-12 - Education M.S.

Program Overview

The M.S. Reading Specialist (PK-12) program is designed for individuals who wish to focus on expanding their skills to improve reading achievement in their school or district by serving as master teachers, coaches or instructional specialists in PK-12 school reading programs. Individuals who seek this degree will be able to act as consultants in planning the direction and supervision of a school’s reading program and will be able to analyze, design, implement and evaluate literacy curricula.


Preparing Teachers to Be Specialists in Reading & Literacy

M.S. Reading Specialist curriculum focuses on providing students with extensive preparation in assessment and instruction in literacy. During the five-week capstone internship, students utilize their knowledge from previous coursework. Upon completion, students are eligible to take the Pennsylvania reading specialist PRAXIS exam and apply for a reading specialist certification.

The reading specialist program is also offered as certification (PK-12).


Experiential Learning: Summer Reading Clinic

Each year, the program offers a summer reading clinic that focuses on experiential learning. Serving as teaching interns in a six-week reading camp for Philadelphia-area school children, participants focus on providing schoolchildren enhanced instructional support to develop reading comprehension and higher-level thinking skills. Under the supervision of the program director and faculty, reading specialist graduate interns assist in developing individualized assessment and educational plans and deliver supervised group instruction to these children.