Pre-MBA Leadership Certificate 

The Pre-MBA Leadership Certificate Program at Haub School of Business is designed to help students and professionals gain a solid foundation in basic business concepts in order to prepare them for a variety of academic, professional, and life goals. This certificate program is an opportunity to enroll in one or more of the 8 MBA foundation courses offered by the Haub School of Business, without being a matriculating student in the MBA Program. Students in this program must comply with all existing course prerequisites. 

To be eligible to transition into the MBA Program with a GMAT/GRE waiver, a student in the Pre-MBA Leadership Certificate Program must achieve a GPA of 3.4 and must complete a minimum of four 3-credit foundation courses, two of which must be in the areas of accounting, finance, or economics. 

The Pre-MBA Leadership Certificate Program affords students the opportunity to take part in all the University has to offer (networking; career advising/career fairs; dynamic, graduate-level courses). It’s also appropriate for students interested in matriculating into the Master's of Science in International Marketing or Financial Services M.S. programs.