Executive Food Marketing M.S.

The Executive M.S. in Food Marketing program at Saint Joseph's University appeals to a broad range of food industry professionals with wide-ranging duties and responsibilities. This program provides our student-executives with an in-depth review of the food industry.

Course work is practical and tailored to address the critical issues of the food industry.  The curriculum covers topics such as food marketing strategy, market segmentation, consumer and trade promotions, food policy, health and wellness, foodservice, food consumer behavior and food marketing research.  

The Executive M.S. in Food Marketing features knowledgeable faculty, with the support of industry leaders, provides food industry knowledge and applied marketing skills and techniques. Students gain additional insights from their peers in the classroom – typically representing all channels of the food industry:  foodservice, CPG, retail, dietitians – an incredible networking opportunity.

Participants in this program earn a Master of Science degree upon successfully completing 17 courses and earning 34 credits at a minimum GPA of 3.0 within 6 years. Each course is delivered in a single Friday/Saturday session. Student-executives may also choose online courses – or a combination of both.  The program is self-paced, with students taking as few or as many classes each semester as they wish. Classes are taught in an executive conference center and provide a challenging, interactive learning environment – and fantastic networking opportunity as well.

Additionally, tuition includes all books, course materials and meals, and all course materials delivered directly to you with no trips to the bookstore.